Pawl W., Owner of Steel Werx

Pawl W., Owner of Steel Werx

Steel Werx was founded by Pawl W. in 2005 with the mission to better serve the Bay Area with affordable metal craftsmanship.

With over 15 years personal experience in the industry, we take pride in consulting with clients to make their dreams come to life.

Pawl is personally involved in every project overseeing materials and fabrication with acute attention to detail. Going beyond our client's expectations is something we strive for each and every day.

With over 10 years operating in Santa Clara, Steel Werx is proud to have worked with large-scale businesses and consumers alike.

When you need your project built professionally and in a timely manner, enlist the experts at Steel Werx to assist you in every aspect of the job.

Notable Clients We Have Had the Pleasure of Working With